young girl reading

A Foundation for Success in School

Students who are reading and writing proficiently by third grade are four times more likely to graduate. That’s why the second goal of the Denver Plan 2020 – a foundation for success in school – is critically important.  The goal is that by 2020, at least 80% of DPS third-graders will be at or above grade level in reading and writing.

DPS is focused on early literacy as the foundation for students’ entire academic experience. Early literacy, which DPS defines as reading, writing, speaking and listening, is essential to building a strong foundation for success in school and in life.

In order to achieve this goal and improve outcomes, we all have important roles to play which is why along with the Early Literacy Plan, the Birth to Eight Roadmap initiative was created. The road map is a collaboration between the Mayor’s Office of Children’s Affairs, Denver Public Schools and numerous community partners — all who are committed to ensuring Denver children are prepared to enter school ready to learn and thrive.