Professional Learning

Early Literacy Professional Learning

In SY 2019-20, Early Literacy Specialists will work with Instructional Leadership Teams (ILTs) to create literacy professional learning plans for their schools.

  • Early Literacy Specialists received a menu of turn-key session options for early literacy professional learning. Session options were developed based on input from school and region leaders, Early Literacy Specialists and teachers as well as early literacy data and research.  Early Literacy Specialists (ELSs) alongside Instructional Leadership Teams (ILTs) will determine which sessions best meet school-level early literacy needs.
  • Early Literacy Specialists will also engage in ongoing learning modules throughout the school year around early literacy instruction best practice. The modules will include a book study, interactive asynchronous sessions, and discussions, all aimed at deepening their instructional and pedagogical knowledge of early literacy.
  • Early Literacy Specialists will deliver professional learning at their schools. Timing and content of sessions will be determined by the ILT in alignment with the school’s professional learning plan.
  • Kindergarten-3rd grade educators new to the district in the 2019-20 school year will engage with Foundations of Early Literacy content duringNew Educator Welcome Week.


Focused on deepening early literacy expertise and establishing a districtwide approach to early literacy