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Planning efforts for the Birth to Eight Roadmap included an analysis of the well-being of Denver’s children as well as the resources and programs available to them (see Appendix IV). Twice, the Steering Committee consulted its Advisory Committee, a broad set of over 50 experts working in Denver’s early childhood landscape, to provide direction. To inform Denver’s path forward, the Steering Committee also consulted educators and families as well as national experts who supplied research and promising models.

Ia. Denver Plan 2020
Ib. Early Childhood Colorado Framework
Ic. Mayor Michael B. Hancock’s Five Goals for Youth
II. The Denver Landscape Maps and Data
III. Education Counsel Academic Research
IV. Denver Landscape Analysis
V. Boston Site Visit Learning Agenda
VI. DPS Early Literacy Plan 2020
VII.Birth to Eight Roadmap Steering Committee Members
VIII. Birth to Eight Advisory Committee Members